Hello there! 
I am Naomi Toledo a current senior at CSU Fresno pursuing a BFA degree in Graphic Design.
Taken on: iPhone XR
Taken on: Minolta EX
My hobbies are what keep me sane and inspired. As a person who loves to constantly create having multiple creative outlets is a must! When I am not on a computer I like to shoot film, paint, make prints, or draw. Going back to hands on work gives my mind a break from the screens and allows me to keep creating in a different way. It is hard for me to step back from art and design, my mind is always thinking of the next idea or project. Venturing these various art forms has allowed me to gain new skills and knowledge that I can also apply in my design work.
My design process always and I mean always has to start with paper and pen. Wether it is research information, or quick ideations. This allows me to get out as many ideas as possible as fast as possible. From here I will ideate further from what was created and create some sort of mood board. Mood boards help me visualize the desired outcome. Some previous sketches will be refined and later developed and refined on the computer. ​​​​​​​
I enjoy all aspects of graphic design but my absolute favorites are typography and branding. I have always enjoyed how much good branding can impact a company or business. The process of creating type as meticulous as it can be is enjoyable and consuming to me. A developing favorite is UI and UX , I enjoy the combination of design and research.
When I am not designing I like to travel, attend concerts, go on road trips, eat McFlurry's (Oreo are the best), and go on photo shoots with friends.
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